Daintree waterfalls are often places you can admire but not swim, due to the presence of crocodiles, but that is not the case at Cassowary Falls. Located in the Mossman Gorge section of the Daintree National Park, a part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, Cassowary Falls is a secluded waterfall that tumbles into a cool, pool of pristine freshwater.
This is the perfect place to refresh and revive with a swim, or simply enjoy the cool spray that emanates from the falls and sustains the many ferns which surround it. Located on private property, Cassowary Falls can only be visited on tours or as a guest at the luxury chalets. This is a ‘must visit’ destination on any tropical North Queensland and Daintree itinerary.


Picture this, a hidden waterfall cascading down a granite rockface into a secret swimming spot below. A place of peace, beauty and serenity. A place to pause and admire the majesty of nature, amongst a rainforest landscape which has existed here since the time of dinosaurs. Rainforest which has been internationally recognised for its intrinsic value as a place of natural beauty, home to ancient plants and animals found nowhere else on earth. Welcome to Cassowary Falls, a Daintree waterfall offering all of this for just an exclusive few each day.


Discover this Daintree waterfall on an exclusive small group tour, or on your own if you are a guest at the luxury Gateway to Cassowary Falls chalets. The surrounds are a natural amphitheater where you can relax on mossy rocks or explore the rainforest surrounds. Swim to the falls or float on your back, gazing up to the rainforest gallery above. The pool is home to a healthy population of River Perch, Turtles, Lizards and Eels. Spending time at this Daintree waterfall is a balm for the busy mind and escape from the every day.


This property is 50 shades of green all year round. On your journey to find this Daintree waterfall you’ll wind down through the hills and rainforest, with its climbing palms and towering trees. A key feature at Cassowary Falls is the King Fern, an ancient relic fern from the Paleozoic era, with fronds that can reach up to 5m long. A smaller but no less more historic fern, the Tassel Fern, can be seen hanging from the branches of surrounding trees along with Staghorn and Elkhorn Ferns. The always photogenic Tree Ferns flourish here too, along with a diverse array of other rainforest species.


The Gateway to the Cassowary Falls property is a vital habitat, alive with creatures great and small. Bordering the Daintree Rainforest, many native animals are regularly seen here including Eastern Water Dragons, the Boyd’s Forest Dragon, Ulyssess Butterfly, Cairns Birdwing Butterfly and the creature from which the name derives, the majestic Southern Cassowary. This is also a bird-watchers paradise and the Cassowary is just the beginning; the elusive Red-Bellied Pitta is highly sought after by birdwatchers and migrates here every December. Victoria Riflebirds add their loud calls to the rainforest soundtrack, joined by numerous species of Parrots, King-fishers and much more.

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